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Jason Virtuemart Downloadable Product Extension, which allows shop owners to sell your downloadable products, and provide download links after got paid on their virtuemart website.


If you want to sell downloadable products with joomla and Virtuemart, you should use Jason Virtuemart Downloadable Product Extension. It easily provides a download link with a purchased product after successfully payment.

What you need? - You need joomla and Virtuemart installed on your website all versions are supported

When buyer’s order status has been confirmed by shop owner, buyer will receive the first email with product invoice information. The second email will give buyer a download link with order number and order password. After clicking on the link, they will go directly to a download page to enter their order number and order password in the download area. They just click an authorized download link to download purchased products easily.

Especially, Jason Virtuemart Downloadable Product Extension provides a very nice download area to download product. This product also allows you to set download limit times for each downloadable product with a super fast loading (like:1 time,2 times.,or unlimited times etc) while other products still have restrict time for downloading slowly. You can edit email template at admin panel. Importantly, you can sell all type of downloadable files like .zip, rar, images, music files.etc without using Virtuemart Media manager in Virtuemart website.

Try now its Live Demo to find out more features. We believe that you will feel interested in it at first sight.

  • Frontend Download page

    Users can download files with “YOUR DOWNLOADS” or download area ,then users enter Order Number and Order Password after receiving email confirmed as image below.

  • Customer download product in the front-end

    Users can download product just click on “ Download “ button as image show below.

  • Choose kind of files for download files to save in your device

    Users save your download files in to your device image show below.

  • Search orders and downloads at panel site

    Users easily can control and search orders or downloads in this setting.

  • Add download at admin panel

    Users can set up download limit and they can limit time for download such as : 1time, 2 times, 3 times, or unlimited time for download.

  • Listing of Downloads Products downloads at panel site

    Admin can see download files in connected media conveniently.

  • Email Templates

    Admin can also edit Email template after successful payment an automatic email will send to buyer email id for download information.

  • Information of order number and order passwords

    Each product has a different order number and passwords , so users can control and view in Orders and downloads.



Full List of Features:

  • Sell downloadable files inVirtuemart.
  • Use order number & order password to download.
  • Provide a nice download area.
  • Email notified when buyer finished download limit.
  • Super fast loading.
  • Unlimited times for download ( new)
  • Sell all kinds of downloadable files: zip, rar, images…
  • No need to use Virtuemart Media manager (Hot)
  • Compatible with latest Joomla ,VM.
  • Support multi languages.
  • No core Virtuemart hack.
  • Easy Store Management.
  • Powerful SEO features


Reviews (2)
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
worked great and easy to setup and install .. ive used this at http://www.mundoarts.com/index.php/en/store
Sunday, 12 July 2015
Finally I gotten a tool for sale file with joomla website… I have also used other extensions for sale file with joomla but all are vary difficult to use… finally got extension for my needs it’s easy to manage and powerful for secure my download for free use…


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